Amazon FBA Toolbox – You don’t NEED all that software

No matter what point you are in the Amazon game, you’ve realized that there are dozens of tools, software programs, and apps that can help you to make more of your Amazon based business. It is pretty easy to see someone who is successful and want to jump right in and buy the same tools they use so that it is easier to emulate them but you have to remember that they are likely at a different point in the journey than you.

Personally, I’m all about maximizing my time and what I get out of it. That being said, sometimes all of the software programs you see people using for amazon can really be a major time suck and shiny object in disguise. Just because you have access to the tool doesn’t mean you are gonna make the bigtime in the same way other well-known sellers have made it. Remember, the tools should be making you money, way more than their cost of use, or you don’t need them.

Building an amazon business is a lot like learning to build a racecar – sure, it is impressive once it is all put together and running like a slick machine but if you don’t how to change sparkplugs then why are you worried about how to build an engine? Let’s just slow down and get to basics….

Make me a promise and only buy into software that is going to help you solve the next problem on the way….it will save you a lot of time and money. YOU DON’T NEED A TOOL FOR EVERYTHING. Moreover, some of the tools I use as a marketer may not even apply to you and your situation – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING!!!!

Below are some areas that you may need software for in your Amazon Journey and some of my favorite tools (I provide links to some of the tools that I personally use or have used and like):

The Basic tools for Amazon FBA

– ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????: Everyone agrees that product research is the foundation to making a great biz. Finding products that are both in demand and within your skill set (and BUDGET) to get into is really step number one…. –

FBA revenue calculator  – you need this one above all others

– ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????: Understanding and utilizing the right keywords can be the difference between becoming an enterprise level FBA seller and kicking around the low ranking areas wondering why the magic isn’t happening for you.
Getting the right keywords for your listings is absolutely crucial if you want your FBA business to fly.


– ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????: The Amazon Best Seller Ranking algorithm is shrouded in secrecy – but one thing’s for sure, customers like the look of anything that suggests they’re buying a tried and tested, popular product. Using a good rank tracking tool is a serious time saver and let’s you work out what other marketing efforts are doing to valuable metric –

Helium10 (love them),

Amazon FBA Intermediate Tools

– ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? – These are the only 2 guys I use….. Jeff is a graphic designer that does hundreds of ad and logo designs for some of the top ad agencies around and Russell is a well known wizard for boosting amazon FBA photos and making listings really pop –

Jeff Minnichbach for logo design graphics, and

Russell Wang for better listing photos and package design

– ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? – I personally NEVER use a launch service.  However, services like Last Launch, Viral Launch, and ZONjump remain popular. I have found that they have become inundated with people that buy your products at a discount and then hijack your listing and sell your item at a discount or find a way to copy and counterfeit your product and then sell it under your listing, taking your product and ruining your investment.  Additionally, ever growing numbers of sellers are seeing suspensions from deep discount sales and promotions that they later farm for reviews.  Amazon knows and will drop the ban hammer on you.

– ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? – With so many different facets to a solid FBA strategy it can be easy to forget little factors and spending streams here and there – meaning your profit calculations will never be exactly right.
A good profit tracking tool takes away the guess work and gives you exact figures – vital if you want to get your pricing exactly right

shopkeeper – AMAZING
seller legend
hello profit,

– ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? and email autoresponders – You don’t need me to tell you how important feedback is – entire FBA businesses have risen and fallen based on feedback. Sellics includes some feedback software as part of their package – but if you want to make sure your feedback is maximised – and your business potential along with it – then take a glance at the following stand-alone tools…

feedback genius,
feedbackwhiz (both are good but feedback whiz is my preference)
Manychat messenger bot
Chatfuel Mesenger bot

– ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? – Oh, you thought it was just English speaking markets that spent serious money online?! Think again! Moving into another language can be an incredible way to scale your FBA business – but you’ve got to make sure your translations are perfect.

The Phifer group – their website takes forever to load… them…it is worth it

– ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? and ad writers (???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????) – 25% of buyers have what’s considered a ‘analytical’ personality type – i.e. they want to know every feature, dimension and intricacy of your product before they place their order. Even if many other buyers focus on reviews, rank and feedback – you can be sure that the description is the first place they head for when they have a question.

Adzombies– world’s best flat fee copywriting service
FBA Makeover  – Amz listing pros

Tools for Amazon FBA and Beyond

– ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? – If you know a little about Amazon promotions you probably know you can spend a lot of time trying to get something to work perfectly – only to be left unsure whether or not it’s performed significantly better then your standard listings.

And, when you do get it right – what exactly is it that’s inspired the improved performance. Both Sellics and CashCowPro have some built in tools that will help – but if you want to wonder no more, consider this stand-alone conversion rate improvement tool.

Splitly (that’s the on;y one you need….just wow)

– ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????: Errors happen – even with the biggest online retailer on the planet. Whether it’s due to stocking issues with Amazon, delivery issues with couriers or some other human error along the way, mistakes can crop up – and if you’re not going to keep tabs on them, it’s unlikely anyone else will.
Recent Amazon Terms of Service changes have seen automated refund request automatically kicked out – so I’ve picked out the following tools as ones that automatically check to see if reimbursements are due – but don’t automatically raise cases – meaning you stay on the right side of the rules!

Helium 10,

– ???????????????????? – Ah! Tax returns. It’s unlikely to be your favourite part of being an FBA business owner – so tools that make it as easy as possible are more than welcome. Here are two of the best:

A2x accounting

– ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? – Keeping an appropriate inventory is the key to making sure you’re making money tomorrow – as well as today. Pulling this information into one central place is going to make life much easier – so I’ve picked out two tools that will be a big help…


– ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????? ????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? – For when you decide to start an off Amazon presence and want to get more sophisticated with your marketing…..

Landing page and store builders

Messenger bots

Email CRMs

– ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? – As an FBA seller a suspended listing (or even worse – account) can bring our business to a painful grinding halt, this should help…..
Seller Appeal – Or Shamosh can work magic to get you re-instated where all others have failed.

Comments and questions are always welcome. I haven’t used all of them but I have researched the few I haven’t and have found them to be some of the best.

Remember, you only need a tool to solve a problem. If it isn’t making you money then you don’t need it.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

For a deeper discussion, See our Unstoppable FBA Facebook group, and Youtube Channel.

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