What is a “funnel” and why do you need one for Amazon FBA?

So you’re listed on amazon and getting sales. So exciting isn’t it? Your Amazon PPC is going great and maybe you’ve even read my past articles and are running some external traffic to your listing(s) – GREAT!

The next step in making your brand more legit is by creating a website and funnel for your external traffic and “fortressing your brand” outside of amazon.

We’ve all read about using autoresponders like Feedback whiz and the like to get reviews and get people aware that you have a customer service department for your brand. That’s nice but what can we do to drive more sales and really CRANK our conversion rates? Sales are good but bigger sales and higher conversions are ALWAYS better.

I don’t want to give any edge to my competitors and if I have info that makes it unfair for them because I’m willing to put in more work then all the better.

You need a brand presence off of Amazon where people can check out what you’re about and what you have to offer. This is your chance to look more professional and legit than just some random seller on amazon for a product or two and to keep your brand in front of your customers.

I know what you’re thinking.  “That’s nice but what is the difference between a website and a “funnel” and why do I NEED a funnel?”

It’s rather simple actually. A website is simply a page or series of pages that give information about your brand or products for people to cruise through and gain what info they desire. A Funnel on the other hand is a series of interactions that walk the customer through a sales process where you have set things up in a way that controls the options and behavior of your prospects with an end goal in mind.

Funnels are a process to onboard customers

For more on Funnels and what they are about youtube “Russell Brunson” and “Clickfunnels”….it really is the best thing out there and you’ll learn a TON about sales.

Think of it like walking into Mcdonalds (yes, I know it’s gross but stay with me here)….
You walk in, there could be a series of barriers to direct the line to the cashier’s counter with a sign directing you to enter the line. Once you get to the cashier they ask what you would like AND THEN they upsell you by asking about adding fries or upsizing the combo THEN UPSELL you more by offering dessert or asking if you’d like anything else or if you would like to take advantage of a certain promotion.

They have taken your initial intent of purchase and walked you through a process of offering something of greater value to you and ASKING YOU TO MAKE A BUYING DECISION! They know it is a numbers game and this is how big boys run business.

I’m trying to keep it simple here. For an Amazon seller the 2 MOST Important things you need to be able to do with your customers is 1) Get a review from them and 2) Get their email address for future mailings.

If you run external traffic via FB ads, etc., you can run the traffic to the first page of your website where you will offer a discount or something of value to your interested customer in exchange for their email address. You can setup single use coupons with Amazon and have your autoresponder send the customer a coupon code in their email once they submit it to you.

You can also do this via a messenger bot like Manychat where you are likely to get a much higher rate of engagement.

NOW….you can leave it that simple and collect emails…..great, now what? Now you are building a list of people that are INTERESTED in your products and brand so you can follow up with them for reviews, customer service emails, brand content, etc., to keep them engaged. This allows you to compile an audience of people interested in your brand to SELL YOUR NEXT PRODUCT TO!!!! You have the jump start now! You’re going to send them content to keep them engaged and keep your brand in front of them so that if they look for a product and you’re in that sphere then they think of looking to you first.

Moreover, you can run a coming soon page and run FB ads to the page to get emails going BEFORE your products hit amazon so that you have this list going early and you can REALLY crank your launch – seems obvious when someone points it out but almost nobody does it…ugh….

Funnels continue AFTER the purchase

So yay, you have emails coming in….. woohoo……yes, be happy Pocahontas, you have an email list going but keep reading so I can show you what to REALLY do with that monster….

Autoresponder? This is an email software that acts as a simple math equation – if customer does “A” then send them “X” pre-written email. If customer does “B” then send them “Y” pre-written email. It is a series of pre-written emails you write and setup triggers for depending on the outcome you desire.

A LOT of Amazon users utilize Feedback Whiz to get reviews. It is a GREAT product to work with people that bought on amazon…..but what if you want more???

I use a software called Klaviyo with my off Amazon Shopify stores. It isn’t free but it gives me the kind of control I outline below.

If I keep you engaged through email, messenger bot and multiple social channels then the likelihood of me selling to you again and getting a review out of you down the line SKYROCKETS. So, quit screwing around and let’s get serious…..

Just the email for coupon may be enough for a new seller or the uninitiated – that’s ok. You might even send them a single email post sale to ask for a review….ok. For me, and other marketers like me that want to leave nothing unturned and keep the customer engaged with our brand at all costs….. Once I get your email, I have MULTIPLE email campaigns setup that CONTINUE my funnel – even after purchase.

1) Email campaign to get you the coupon plus a drip campaign reminding you to use it and to redeem your purchase for a deep discount on another product I offer (Upsell – would you like fries with that?)

2) A trigger in the above email campaign if they don’t redeem the coupon within 7 to 10 days trying to add more value and address their concerns.

3) Post purchase sequence letting them know about warranties and how my brands stand behind the products we offer – customer service. This campaign will also allow me to point them to the review section and close them on leaving a review for me.

4) A Drip campaign for both purchased customers and non-purchased customers focusing on articles involving using my product or ideas on product use within the sphere (articles and such on hiking and the outdoors if I have a camping product). For non-purchased customers I will continually try to send them to my listings with a link inserted at a few points in the email or article.

5) A drip campaign about future releases with incentives to show interest early (getting buyers ready to boost the next launch).

All of these campaigns will have different triggers and content as they play out. Things like number of days in between emails, if a customer clicks a link or doesn’t. If a customer leaves a review or doesn’t, etc.

Everything is based around directing the customer’s behavior in a manner you have decided before they found your advertisement or product. With Klaviyo and Manychat I can even sort them into lists based on their behaviors and interactions within the above mentioned campaigns. I can also match customers in my database to my seller central data that I export. This allows me to track redeemed coupons AND to match amazon customers with the data I have to get their REAL email address for the above mentioned reasons.

If you don’t keep the customers you have then you are forced to always find new customers for your brand. Customer Retention is where you make the majority of your money.

Lastly, once you sort your customers based on how engaged they are and who your buyers are, you can export and upload your list (regardless of what software or service you use) to Facebook to create a look-a-like audience to target with future ad campaigns. Hey look, Facebook, these people bought from me…..use your silly maths and find me a few million more like them because they are more likely to purchase my items than a regular cold audience.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

For a deeper discussion, See our Unstoppable FBA Facebook group.

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  1. ROKEY Vacuum Storage Bags
    ROKEY Vacuum Storage Bags says:

    Really great article thanks. After selling on Amazon for a few years, we’re just looking at getting our own website setup and getting an Aweber form on there to capture customer details.

    We can then market to them over and over again hopefully, as you suggest in the article. Will keep you posted how we get on.

    Thanks again for the good read though.



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