Facebook Ads are an Artform

Optimizing your FB ad – copy, graphics, and targeting really Fq’n matter!!!

Ok, so you want to do FB ads to boost your listing but how the hell do you do that without flushing your cash down the toilet?

I cant tell you how many messages I get each day about people who try to run a simple ad and are frustrated because they get a couple hundred link clicks but no sales. You have no sales because you provided no value.

You didn’t convince them that they needed their problem solved more than the money it takes to solve it.


Now sit and think on it…..

You must realize that your marketing needs to be an investment in your business and not a business expense.

Go back and read that last sentence again. Investments return you money and the name of the game is getting your ads to give you the most return with the least expense.

You thought Amazon was difficult in selecting the right product, getting it launched, and profitable? Wait until you start diving into how to properly setup a FB ad campain!!

It is a different artform and requires a TON of extra hours of self-education before you spend your cash.

Facebook ads | warming the audience

If you spend money on advertising without educating yourself on what you’re investing in then YOU are a liability to your company as you will lose your company money.

I would much rather make sure that my risk is minimized and that I understand what my money is supposed to be doing in every possible way – this means I am most likely to turn my adspend into an asset for the company because it will make my product more profitable and scalable.

People searching your keywords on amazon are already a warm audience. You will split those sales amongst you and your competitors on amazon. Fb ads are where you take people who may be interested in your product but aren’t necessarily looking for it and turn them into a HOT audience through your ads and content.

You need to learn how to do more than just make an ad that points to your listing…. that’s pitching a cold audience and never works.

You need to learn how to build a value ladder and redirects with content for your customers to consume and warm up to the idea of needing your product.

The Basics Of Facebook Ads

For now, let’s look at some basics to start wrapping your head around in beginning to learn all this.

Fb ads and things to consider:

1) Campaign Objective: Paid Post Engagement, Click to Website, Website Conversions, Video Views, etc. You need to know what each campaign objective is and what the benefits are. For god sake…..never try to get page likes from a third world country for “social proof”. This is a myth….people care about your product and what is in it for them, not how many likes you have. Also, getting crap likes that are not from your target audience is only going to drive up your advertising costs and kill your reach on targeted campaigns.

Also, running multiple campaigns with different combos of objectives, ad copy and graphics to the same audience is referred to as split testing. Its what the people spending over $100k a month on advertising are doing and kicking your ass in the process. They find out what their audience wants and then kill the losing campaigns, and turn up the budget on the winners and use multiple bits of content to build a value ladder until their customers cant help but buy.

You will need to plan to have multiple versions of your ad to continually feed your audience to keep them engaged and buying.

The best place to learn about the basics on how the ad platform works is THE FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT

Your Copy Is What Sells Your Amazon Product

2) Copy (the actual words in the advertisement): Avoid ads with the words “you” or any derivative of “you” – this limits your reach and may even get the ad not approved for publishing. Always avoid Before and After type ads as these will not be approved and may even get an account banned.

3) The copy includes the body of text, the headline, and any bottom tags you want to put in. The copy in the ad itself should be long form. You can’t provide enough value in short form copy.

DON’T drone on about what your product is either. Tell the story about what your audience’s problem is, how your product solves the issue, and a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION. Sell the problem, not the product….and Ask for the damn money! I always include at least 3 links to my listing or site in the ad copy itself. Suck at writing copy? There are a number of resources to learn how to write good copy – educate yourself. Even then, you can also hire a professional copywriter.

If you want an easy way to start, see our post on Better Headlines For Beginners

The Imagery Is What Stops The Scroll

4) Images and Graphics: still images are fine – ESPECIALLY in a Carousel spread format. Cost wise, Video works better. YES, THERE IS A FORMAT TO THE VIDEOS THAT MAXIMIZE VIEWS AND ENGAGEMENT – that is another article entirely and will be coming soon.

If you aren’t handy with Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro or FCPX, then a graphic designer with a facebook ad portfolio is your new best friend. You can even use some of the images in your listing or in your expanded listing when you get brand registered – another article on that coming soon.

5) The images and graphics themselves must not exceed 20% of their makeup in text (in the case of a video, the thumbnail is what is viewed for these purposes. Ads with images containing more than 20% text will have VERY limited performance.

Sometimes images with strong contrast will not be approved because the strong contrast is what the bot image checker looks for what scanning for text.

If you are having some trouble coming up with idea, see here: 21 sites for Free Photos!

6) Video ads with copywrited music or audio tracks will not be approved or will have limited reach and shit return or will not be approved at all.

7) TARGETING: Holy Purple Baby Jesus – This is where most people fall off the cliff. You need to understand targeting. There is no point having a beautiful ad when you can’t get it in front of the right people. Facebook allows you to target people by their interests and behaviors – which is way better than keywords – ESPECIALLY TO A COLD AUDIENCE. They don’t know they need your product or to look for it – but you do and will put it under their noses if you’re smart.

We all have that little digital leash that knows everything we do (smartphone) – I’m now using it to pinpoint my ad to you because of some things you liked and clicked and will do my best to get you to buy.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you want to sell ballroom dance lessons – I’m using a service as an example so that I don’t step on anyone’s toes for a product. What words, behaviors and interests are there surrounding that topic? You need to know it and breathe it before spending money on advertising.

Below is a list I came up with for targeting – they are all RELEVANT to my objective in getting folks to sign up for ballroom dance lessons. This list would give my ad a potential audience of over 2,000,000 people just within 50 miles of me to sell my service to!…..did you think of all of these words associated with ballroom dancing?

Consider how much bigger an audience I could find for your product nationwide and how many subgroups I could break it down and test my ads in front of??? That is the targeting depth I am talking about. All of those interests and behaviors below are things people like and are actively involved in that would probably be interested in ballroom dance lessons.

NOTE:  On a national scale, the audience size generated with ALL of these interests would be too large AND foolish to try and use all at once.  Instead, each interest (or a few depending on the audience size) would be put into an individual adset to determine if that interest is viable in terms of targeting for my ads and profitability.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

For a deeper discussion, See our Unstoppable FBA Facebook group, and Youtube Channel.

Target Audience interests and behaviors for ballroom dance lessons on Facebook:

Friends of newly engaged people,
Friends of newlyweds,
Newly engaged (1 year),
Newly engaged (3 months),
Newly-engaged (6 months),
Newlywed (1 year),
Newlywed (3 months),
Newlywed (6 months),
Upcoming birthday,
Do Something Different,
Viennese Waltz,
West Coast Swing Dance,
Zumba Fitness classes,
Wedding planning,
Dance & Fitness,
Blackpool Dance Festival,
Zumba Dance,
Ballroom tango,
Zumba dancing,
Samba (ballroom dance),
Moms’ Night Out,
Date Night,
Social dance,
Cha-cha-cha (dance),
Dance Magazine,
Mark Ballas,
Jive (dance),
Rumba (dance),
Paint Nite,
Derek Hough,
Julianne Hough,
Maksim Chmerkovskiy,
Swing (dance),
First date,
Tango music,
World of Dance,
Ballroom dance,
Anniversary within 30 days,
Painting with a Twist,
Salsa music,
Anniversary within 31-60 Days,
Salsa (dance),
Dance studio,
Bachata (dance),
Bachelorette party,
Wedding Planners,
Modern dance,
Health & wellness,
Dancing with the Stars,
Latin dance,
Fitness Girls,
Performing arts,

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