Influencers for your Amazon Brand

As an Amazon seller, should you use influencer marketing?

It certainly has it’s advantages in terms of making Amazon product launches and holiday sales much easier.

Studies show that every $1 invested in influencer advertising brings a return of $6.50. The top 13% of business of the study got at least $20 per dollar invested!

As well as there’s a genuine reason that influencer marketing is so good. Using influencers properly gets you direct exposure to the niche audiences you need for your brand.

You don’t need a mega influencer either. Niche influencers allow you to focus on smaller and more engaged audiences. These audiences are also much more likely to align with your brand niche. Moreover, niche influencers cost much less.

The issue for Amazon sellers and those new to marketing is FINDING the right influencer for their business.

10 tools to help you find the right influencer

1. Awario

Awario is a monitoring tool for social media sites and other places on the web. It listens for brand mentions or for keyword mentions that you are hunting. This can be hot search terms or even competitor mentions as well.

Awario rates influencers based on reach and number of followers. It rates bloggers based on their reach and daily visits to their blog site.

Rates: Influencer search is included in all plans along with in the complimentary trial, with plans beginning at $29/month.

2. Klear

Klear is a freemium platform made for influencer marketing. Klear breaks down influencers into 60,000 topic categories! It also assesses their demographics as well as psychographics. You can filter the influencer listings by a number of dimensions.

Some of the filters include:
– social media network,
– audience size,
– location
– keywords
– audience demographic makeup

One of the best features of Klear is the measuring function.

Klear tracks the results of your influencer campaigns so you can see the payoff of your efforts.

Rates: Freemium, with rates for paid plans available upon demand.

3. Traackr

Want an app that handles influencer advertising from top to bottom?

Traackr is that program. Traackr has its own influencer database which makes finding the right person super easy. Perhaps the best feature is being able to filter both the influencer AND their followers!

You can also organize influencers in the app and track all of your campaigns from one spot.

4. Upfluence

Upfluence has some VERY cool unique features. They have their own database and can sort by the normal filters you’d expect. What sets Upfluence apart are the other 2 filters they feature. How about knowing what type of content they post and the times they post most often?

How. Cool. Is. That!

Upfluence also helps to sort between real and fake influencers, and can give you posting prices for YT and IG in the app! Huge wins!

Just like Traackr, it will help you organize and measure your campaign results.

Upfluence is on the pricier side but is worth a look as your brand grows.

Prices: Begins at $795 monthly for 500 calls.

5. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo may be my favorite piece of software on this list.

BuzzSumo is a tool made use of for content and influencer discovery.

The two are usually linked if you think about it. Niche content is made by niche influencers.

The tool allows you to put in a keyword to find the most engaged content around a topic. You can then use it to see the engagement of the content per social platform. This means you can see who is getting engagement and if they might be a good fit for your brand.

Rates: Begins at $99 monthly.

6. Heepsy

Heepsy has a database of seven million influencers, and each have more than 5,000 fans.

Heepsy auto-filters out fake accounts and also shows post consistency and growth rates.

The normal filters make it easy to find the right influencer and Heepsy speeds things up by estimating cost per post.

Rates: Paid plans start at $49 monthly.

7. HypeAuditor

This tool is all about IG and YT.

HypeAuditor uses the normal metrics like reach, demographics, location and engagement.

HypeAuditor also does a lot in sorting if someone is legit or not.

Prices: Free option, pay-as-you-go, or plans starting at $299 a month

8. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is all about IG and Twitter.

They have a searchable database and display both social media profile and email addresses!

They show not only engagement level but what each influencer charges per post.

The tool also features a suite of tracking and outreach functions. You can track clicks, replies, email open rates, and conversions of your campaigns.

Rates: There’s a cost-free 7-day trial, with plans beginning at $49 monthly.

9. BuzzStream

BuzzStream has been around for a bit and has grown into a monster.

BuzzStream is a full throttle relationship-building system. The tool locates influencers based keyword relevant content.

You can see their social profiles, contact info, and even reach out from one spot.

Buzzstream even has a team feature to measure the results of each campaign.

Rates: From $24 a month.

10. GroupHigh

Want to find cult-leaders to point their minions your way? Have a look at bloggers.

GroupHigh is the biggest blogger database on the planet. They have profiles and contact details waiting for you to surf.

They also look for influencers on Twitter, Instagram, as well as YouTube. They hunt for higher engagement rates and filter out fake accounts.

Pricing: 7 day free trial and then plans start at $179 a month.

Which tool should you choose?

Most of the tools on this list can help you from start to finish. Just like ice cream, you’ll need to try a few flavors to find your favorite.

If you want to have the most features, start with Awario or Buzzstream.

If you want to find content and keyword ideas alongside influencers, see Buzzsumo.

The good news is that most of the tools have a free trial. This makes it easy to sample and find the best flavor for your brand.

I look forward to seeing you all in the comments and in the Unstoppable FBA Facebook group.

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