Keeping Up With Competition On Amazon FBA

First off, it should be noted that I don’t like to play fair – at all.  I’m all white hat but if there is an advantage to be had that my competition isn’t thinking about, then I’m all over it.

Amazon is an ultra-competitive marketplace.  If you want to beat the competition to the top then you need to know what efforts the competition is making as well as doing some social listening.  Instead of chasing your competition, setup a workflow so that your Amazon competition tells you all about their businesses. on a regular basis.


Personally, I use manual analysis. It is a lot like checking a competitor’s website thru SERP’s if you understand the SEO world at all.

I focus on my top 10 competitors.

I’ve also bought into all of their products so that I can remain on their mailing lists. I have a dedicated email account for this operation per brand and niche and usually have this setup BEFORE getting into a product as a marketing evaluation step. By doing this, I let them show me the holes in their operation and stay up to date on any off amazon efforts they are making. It is usually VERY lackadaisical at best.

Amazon FBA | The competition should never see you coming

My workflow:


I check on price changes or promotions first.

I go back thru and check their ranking on main kw’s and if they’ve dropped out of a top placement to someone else.

I check if they’ve cracked a top 3 spot when they were in the top 10 for KW’s I’m watching per brand. If they can make a move, so can I.

I check volume of sales per their top 10 kws and if there has been a big spike or dip – just looking for a big deviation really.

I check their volume and rank on long tail kw’s I’ve targeted to see if there is low hanging fruit I haven’t picked up on.

I check to see the volume of traffic from their website if they have one – SERPs search

I check to see how much volume they are receiving on the product listing page – SERPs search – what can I do to run even more to mine if I am not currently??

I check their facebook and IG pages to see what kind of content and promos they are running. (I’ve already liked all of their pages and participate in their discussions and posts as well as their IG stories if they are running content – most aren’t.)

– I check their facebook and IG pages to see what their growth is in users and engagement (gotta estimate engagement as I don’t have full insights not being an admin on the page – but likes is easy to track). Most aren’t doing shit to grow their following and are selling on Amazon based on new customer acquisition which is much more expensive

– I message them once every 4 to 6 weeks to ask about what coupons they are running for X holiday, if they are having a sale, if there are any new products coming out I can look forward to, or to comment on “how helpful I found one of their posts” – (uh huh, tell me your next moves so I can do it better)

I make sure to check their “info and ads” tab to see what promos they are running. Unless it is a genuinely bigger brand and they are organized, it is a complete shit show if they are running anything at all in the way of FB or IG ads.

I also email them every 6 – 8 weeks from one of a few various accounts either to their Amazon inbox or thru their website to ask about promos or “if they would help me with a gift for someone for X occasion”. I also run the discussion about “I was looking at your product vs. this other one over here. I like how yours does xyz – can you tell me more about it”. This lets them tell me what pain points they are trying to address in their product….if they even understand how to do that. It gives me a better idea of how they are targeting the market. Most don’t address pain points and just re-list product details or things from their descriptions. This means they are ripe for picking. Poor babies.

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