Amazon FBA is an exciting opportunity and there are tons of tips floating around internet-land for various aspects of the business.  If you are new to e-commerce and to Amazon FBA, sorting out which information is important for your current situation is perhaps more daunting than getting your products listed themselves.

What follows is a series of “beginner friendly” bookmarks as topics you’ll need to tackle to get moving and selling via the Amazon FBA program – meaning you may not even be a seller yet.  These bookmarks should serve as a good starting point for you and give you a strong foundation to investigate further.  I also have recommended sources for further research at the end of the article.

Amazon FBA | 7 Steps to Success for beginners

Step 1 or 2 – Social Listening.  You need to get to know your prospects.  If you know what the customers in are looking for, have tried, like, dislike, etc. in the niche you want to sell, you are going to have a much better time matching up a product to their desires.

This is called Social Listening and the beginners guide can be found here:  Social Listening 101 for Amazon Sellers

Step 1 or 2: Product research. 99% of what determines whether or not you will be successful on FBA comes down to your product research” – Matt Loberstein.  This is the Amazon FBA Deep Dive on Product Research and can serve as a checklist for your efforts.

Step 3: Understanding Cashflow.  If you don’t plan cashflow in this business you won’t be in business very long.  Learn more by reading about the 3 essentials to starting an Amazon FBA business.

Step 4: Production.  You need to understand how to talk to suppliers and get production moving.  Perhaps the best info on this is from Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study on YT

Step 5: Launching.  You’ll need to know how to get your product moving and ranked on the amazon platform.  See our Launch Guide for that info.

Step 5:  Listing Optimzation.  If you want your products to get found on the amazon platform and make some money, you need to have a seriously optimized listing.  Follow the link and scroll down to the 5th video series from the academy for a Listing Optimization Walkthrough

Step 6: Reviews.  Reviews on Amazon are a “make or break” item for product listings.  If you have good reviews it makes your product much easier to sell.  Have less than stellar reviews and sales get tough pretty quick.  Needless to say, putting a plan in place to make sure you get reviews as early as possible as vital to your success on the Amazon FBA platform.

If you haven’t done so already, take advantage of the Amazon Reviewer Program and then take a look at The Deep Dive on Amazon Reviews

Step 7: Advertising.  You will have to find some way to get customer eyeballs on your product page if they are to buy from you.  Sponsored Product Ads on the Amazon platform are where you should start your efforts.  As a beginner I would recommend you stay away from facebook ads or external traffic at the moment.  Those can come later, once you are on the platform and have that foundational understanding under your belt.  A guide to the basics of how Pay-Per-Click ads (commonly called Amazon PPC) work can be found here:  Optimizing PPC campaigns

BONUS:  If you REALLY want to know what life is like selling things online read this article: The 21 Truths Of Online Business

Other important resources to help you explore these topics further:

YT: Matt Loberstein, Samer Brax, and Steven Mayer – these 3 have tons of beginner friendly content to help break down each of these areas and set you up for success.

Helpful articles:  See the blogs of and Helium 10

Free Amazon training FROM AMAZON!  – Seller University

That should be plenty to get you started.  For loads more details on each topic, check out our Facebook Group Unstoppable FBA 

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