Marketing For Amazon – A Map to Guide Your Way

There is tons of information floating around on how to market your Amazon FBA business.  For a great many of you it will be difficult to know where to start taking action. We are all at different points on our journey and I wanted to offer something to the majority of the sellers here that have realized that they need more in the way of marketing but simple don’t know which piece of the puzzle to sort first.

I also figured that this would help you to identify where you are having issues so you can ask pointed questions and we can get you past the obstacle and growing.

The path to scaling your marketing efforts….

Foundational Steps for Amazon FBA Marketing

  • Get listed on Amazon
  • Get PPC moving and beginning to get it optimized
  • Begin to learn copywriting – this will improve your conversion rates and get you used to writing customer focused content and what to look for in writing ads when you want to run external traffic. Even if it is practicing by writing 5 new headlines about your niche or product each day, start learning to write a bit.
  • Setup a FB business page, and IG account

Social Listening

  • Find 5 FB groups, IG accounts, and YT channels related to the niche you’re selling in and join them.
  • Read, post and reply to those groups and channels daily – it is your new side, side hustle…lol. This is going to start to give you ideas on who to follow and learn their content format. In other words, you’re making a social listening strategy on what the audience wants.  It also allows you to begin to see what kind of things are interesting to your market so you can use those things as lead magnets later in your advertising and group building efforts.

If you aren’t sure What Social listening means, see our Social Listening 101 article, and our Social Listening Strategy Guide

External traffic, External Presence, and Omni-Channel

  • Messenger bots
  • Content Generation and growing a captive group and list on FB, IG, etc.
  • Setting up a basic ecom store and content page (Shopify, Woocommerce, etc)
  • Facebook Ads (If you want to sell or “Launch” with FB ads, you need to have all of the above in motion first)
  • On site Conversion Rate Optimization and working Google Analytics
  • Google Shopping and Catalog Ads channels (IG shopping, etc)

The order that I posted the “external traffic” items above is what I would advise a BRAND NEW marketer follow as one feeds into the next. They are listed in order of easiest to learn to hardest. This means they are also listed in order of easiest to see an immediate return from to something more long range as they will all build on each other.

Follow the guide like a checklist of sorts and it should really help you to not become overwhelmed with implementing the content you’ll find here.

For a deeper discussion, See our Unstoppable FBA Facebook group, and Youtube Channel.

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