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Have you ever been sleeping on A Sunday and all of the sudden you get a knock on your door at 6:30am by someone trying to sell you something?  Before you even hear the sales pitch, you are already in a bad mood about being interrupted and likely very close-minded about buying anything due to the nature of the meeting, right?  Guess what sunshine?  Your direct response ads are the same thing and your customers hate them.


You should look into content marketing as part of your arsenal because it allows you to build massive captive audiences and qualify people before giving them your offer – VERY important.  It also makes your traffic and conversions much more stable because you have multiple sources of traffic, which takes the day to day volatility out of running paid ads as you have something to offset the rollercoaster.


Content Marketing is the art of using various tools to enhance the interests of your target audience and add value and validation to them. You want to become their favorite TV personality for the hobby or interest they love.

Example: If you are selling fitness accessories for women, then you need to provide genuine insights, tips and a place to share ideas about that lifestyle that they can grow with. Then your product simply becomes part of that lifestyle that you’ve engineered and built authority on, right in front of their eyes.

In other words, build your own little cult following and then monetize them over and over and over. This is how the biggest companies on earth grow the way they do – customer retention and easy repeat business.

Getting Started With Content Marketing

Now then, you aren’t going build a following or generate powerful lead magnets unless you know what your customers really want.

Once you know more about your audience, you can decide what tools and pieces you use to build your brand in their minds.  Social platforms, email flows, contest pages, etc. are all pieces you can use to build out this customer experience.  The point is that you want to warm the customer to your ideas by GIVING them info that resonates them and their hobby.

Example: Instead of just doing a YT video or Podcast, use (mentioned later) to also produce a downloadable ebook of notes from the episode for your audience! This allows them to take your brand with them even when they turn off the video! You can also track the download link to build an audience. You can then take 4 or 5 key points from the video or podcast and make those separate IG posts….

I think you get the point. Let’s dive in.

Before we go too deep, if all of this sounds completely foreign to you, take a moment and look at the beginners resource over on the Content Marketing Institute Site

Content Marketing Elements – Copywriting, Creative, and Distribution

Copywriting – it cannot be overstated that there is one skill that stands above all else in the marketing world and that is copywriting. Control the words and control the masses. Simple as that. You MUST PRACTICE!!!!

******The key to content that converts is showing your customer content that is ALL ABOUT THEM!  Make them the hero in your content and don’t just make content about your product.******

  1. How To Write copy That Sells by Ray Edwards – super simple and inexpensive book that breaks down different elements of writing good copy and how to use it. Headlines, bullets, better emails, etc.
    ***THIS might be the most important and useful resource on this page for most of you***
  2. Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman – Fun and easy to read. Should definitely check it out to create a buy now mentality for when you’ve nurtured enough and are ready to make an offer.

When you write, consider what brand voicing you have in your writing as well as it will need to be consistent in each medium and touch point for your customers. Example: If you are going to be sarcastic and lighthearted in your ads then it needs to carry over to your landers, product pages, email flows, and response comments. Take a look at some of the ads and content from HiSmile or lookup Wendy’s on Twitter – GREAT examples of engaging and consistent brand voicing.

Creatives – You need to write down what mediums you are going to build a brand or niche following on and HOW the audience consumes information on those platforms.
Facebook niche group members are very different from YT audiences, and those people are very different from the crowd on Pinterest for example.

You don’t need to run ALL of them at once. Start with one and then expand as you get a better workflow. Some of this will likely require team members for a lot of you so don’t be afraid of that.

Great sources for producing creatives:

  • Adobe Spark – Social image and video powerhouse
  • Adobe Rush – simple mobile video editor specifically setup for social media sharing
  • Plotaverse – stunning visuals
  • Lumafusion – video editor for iphone and ipad
  • Renderforest – animated videos
  • lumen5 – make a slideshow video from any written article
  • Designrr – ebook, and lead magnet auto generator from written articles
  • Ritetag – hashtag suggestions for any image

Distribution – You need to be able to quickly distribute and then track the engagement of your assets. I would recommend Eclincher, Agorapulse, or Sprout Social for this as you can schedule posts to a variety of social pages all in one spot and then respond to comments etc.

Eclincher is my personal favorite of the above because it not only has an all in one inbox for comment response but it has sniply and Google Analytics built into the interface so I can put trackers on any links I schedule so I know what my folks engage the most with and what they don’t want to see.

If you want to also be able to comment on ads you are running you will need to look at Agorapulse

Workflow for Amazon FBA Content Marketing

  • Make a warchest of content. It is a pain in the ass to make content and still try to do other things each day.
  • Make a plan and then spend a few weekends making 2 weeks of content at a time. Then schedule it all out and get your email flows, landers, and messenger bots in order.
  • Get a couple of months of content in place before you deploy as it will seriously take some anxiety off of your chest. This is also where your team will come in handy.


Remember that your content pieces are meant to nurture people through the customer journey.  However, YOU STILL MUST GIVE THEM A WAY TO BUY SOMETHING FROM YOU!!!

Maybe you are running a series of content, or only a simple lead magnet. Either way, when you want someone to take an action on your page, ONLY GIVE THEM A SINGLE ACTION TO TAKE!!

If it is an email, are they clicking to buy, or are they responding with a reply, or are they clicking to enter a contest? Don’t make them think! Make them act – You will read about this in the book How to Write Copy that Sells that I mentioned earlier.

That was the “simple version” my friends. You can go as deep as you want with it.

All told, I use a model of content marketing to put out over 20,000 pieces of UNIQUE content per year, PER BRAND (I own multiple) – and that is before responding to comments, shares from my audience, and User Generated Content.

Good Luck keeping up with that with paid ads.

See you in the comments and in the Unstoppable FBA FB group.

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