26 Types Of Content For Building An Audience

If you’ve seen the articles on I’ve written on Social Listening, you are now ready to start thinking about what type of content to produce.

It’s important to understand the different types of content that exist so you can decide which types best suit your brand.

By paying attention to how you present your content allows you to make your content digestible, of the optimal length, etc. for maximum engagement.  It is much easier to keep these things in mind before you start creating content vs trying to reshape an article afterward.

Social Listening will help prepare you for generating the right content out of the gate when you are first building your Amazon audience.

When you are ready to make the content to grow your Amazon audience the process can also be broken into 3 simple steps:

1) How is the topic best communicated to your audience?  Blog article, video, broken up short posts. etc?

2) Look at the content list below and get ideas on delivery of the message.

3) Create content to win.

Content Examples for Amazon Audience Building

1) Call to Action Post: Play on emotions and get the reader to take a specific action

Example: Tell your Amazon audience about a cause related to their niche and run a flash sale to donate the proceeds to a helping charity.

2) Case Study: Share proof of concept or a journey someone took to give insight to your audience if they are on a similar path.

Example: If you are selling in the pet category on Amazon then share a study about how to quell anxiety in new puppies.

3) Caution Post: Give your audience an example of what not to do.

Example: Tell your amazon audience about how using common items in the niche can ruin the item or worse.  People love “you didn’t know” posts.

4) Checklist Post: Provide step by step solutions to a common problem.

Example: How to make content for your audiences like I’m doing in this article

5) Contest Post: Run a giveaway to boost engagement.

Example:  I regularly run giveaways for my coaching calls as a contest attached to the Unstoppable FBA Youtube videos.

6) User Generated Content: Feature content that members of your community have posted.

Example:  Feature photos of your user’s cute animals if you are selling in the pet niche on Amazon.

7) Inspirational Post: Share a story designed to encourage the reader.

Example: Share a story about how a mother adapted her life to take care of a special needs child to an audience from the baby niche.

8) Guide Post: Provide a helpful guide to products or services to help the audience make good choices about things they are seeking.

Example: Give a list of what to see or avoid when traveling if your Amazon business has to do with travel.

9) How-To Post: Teach the reader how to do something.

Example:  Giving your Amazon customers 5 things they didn’t know about your product as a guide in your post purchase sequence.

10) Interactive Post: Invite the audience to take part in a poll.

Example:  This is one of my favorites when I have a community going because I can present an idea for a product and get feedback before I order it into production!

11) Interview: Interview someone about an important topic.

Example:  When you see 2 Amazon personalities collaborate on a Youtube video.

12) Launch Post: Launch a new product or service and write a blog post as an announcement.

Example:  See #10 above

13) List Post: List out the content of the article in a way that is easily skimmable by the audience.

Example:  This article about 21 free sites for stock photos – it has been a favorite for our community.

14) Newsjacking Post: Make a post taking a contrary position to a popular topic in the media.

Example: How Kanye West got press coverage by meeting with President Trump.

15) News Report: Write a news report about something relevant to your brand.

Example: Gentler formulas found in new makeup brands on Amazon if you are in the beauty niche that you started as a trend.

16) Personal Story:  Share a lesson with your audience that comes from personal experience.

Example:  I often tell people with little to no experience in selling online to start with small orders so they can get an idea of how business runs before spending their savings on a ton of inventory.  This comes from me blowing $100s of thousands of dollars my first few years in business figuring it all out.

17) The Polarizer Post: Take a strong position on a topic relevant to your niche or brand

Example:  I HATE using giveaways for ranking on amazon and have even done a video on why giveaways are a bad idea.

18) Profile: Profile an influencer or product, sharing background info and a story.

Example:  If you sell am item in electronics for DSLR cameras, interview an influencer from IG or Youtube that talks a lot about photography.

19) Question and Answer post: Use a Q and A format to help folks dive into parts of the article that are relvant to them.

Example:  The Amazon terms of service guide from Seller.tools

20) Research post: Write about surveys or studies relating to your brand

Example: What sleep positions are best for a newborn based on pediatrician opinions and studies if you sell in the baby category.

21) Review: Share your opinion on something to give insights for your audience.

Example:  Have an Influencer do an unboxing and review of your product to get more exposure and validation for your brand.

22) The review and round up post: Compare related or competing products in a post or video.

Example: Retinol creams vs Vitamin C serums in the beauty niche.

23) Satirical Post: Make satire of an issue to make a point in an opinion piece.

Example: see anything from babylonbee.com

24) Resources post: Suggest something to help people solve a problem.

Example: When people ask for stock photo sites for their content and ads in the Unstoppable FBA group, I send them to this article about 21 free sites for stock photos.

25) Take charge piece: Lead a conversation about a topic.

Example:  I initiated use of QR codes on packaging and manychat flows for getting reviews in late November 2018 and now it is widespread use among the Amazon FBA community.

26) Video Notes: Share an article that accompanies a video you’ve done.

Example:  I made a video about “The Kool-Aid Method” for Amazon Sellers which is a facebook ads strategy I shared.  I accompanied the video with an E-book

If used properly, you should have no trouble generating content that people want to engage with and share.  This turns into customer retention and increased sales for your brands.

What are some of your best content ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments below or in our Unstoppable FBA Facebook group, and Youtube Channel.

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