Amazon FBA | 12 Ways Amazon Sellers Can Bring Their Boring Brand To Life

Amazon FBA | 12 Ways Amazon Sellers Can Bring Their Boring Brand To Life

Built your Amazon FBA business around a boring product?  Having trouble thinking about how to make content and build your list?

Don’t cry.  Lots of amazon sellers are in the same boat you are.

Just because it’s not a cool new coffee, or amazing teeth whitener doesn’t mean your brand should be ignored. Not. Even. Close.

Whatever you are selling is part of a lifestyle.  That lifestyle has loads of raving fans that would likely love your boring product.  The only problem is that they don’t know you exist.  The good news is that these people talk to each other online.  That means you have loads of content ideas at your fingertips.  Those chats are GOLD MINES!

What follows are 12 ways to take your boring brand from “Yawn” to “YAAAS” on social media.

Or at least make them chuckle.

The National Park Service did.  They’re the government agency behind big animals in big spaces. What’s so exciting about Moose, fields of flowers and historic buildings?

To the untrained eye, not much.  Then again, when you’re the expert on your product it is up to you to shape how the public feels about your product.  The National Park Service has an Instagram account with SERIOUS engagement.  They publish amazing photos with hilarious captions.  Every. Single. Day.

Here’s one. You’ll chuckle.

Amazon seller marketing

Q: What can you do to educate, inspire, or tell the backstory for your products or brand?

You’ve got it there, somewhere.  Find the people talking about the lifestyle subjects who would be interested in your product.  Learn from their chats.  Make content on those trending topics for your audience.  Share the experiences and funny stories of others.  Give your own thoughts.  Ask for feedback.

Search your main keywords on the various social channels and see what shakes out.

Looking for a place for awesome (and free) stock photos?  click here

Find a topic that people are already talking about that relates to your brand and give your shake on it.

Better yet, see if you can get an influencer or expert to chime in or collab on a project.  It will give even more buzz to your thoughts.

The best example I’ve ever seen if something that UNICEF did.  UNICEF wanted to promote the message to end violence against children.

They did a project with David Beckham titled “Violence Marks Forever”.  It was a huge success, generating over 190k reactions on UNICEF’s socials.

You can see the video here:

amazon seller trending

Don’t have deep pockets for a high-octane celeb?

Fine. Hire a micro influencer, with a small and committed audience.

This allows you to tap into the influencer’s audience AND the trust factor that influencer has.

Look on google trends or search your keywords as hashtags on twitter.  Better yet, checkout Buzzsumo.  It is one of my favorite content discovery tools.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Every person wants to fall in love, be the hero, bad guy, or curious bystander.

PayPal did.

They made use of photos of real people to battle their picture as the faceless corporation.

BOOM. A 327 percent boost in interaction.

They tapped into Humans of New York, and combined visuals with  story.  All they had to do was get people to share how the service improved their personal lives.

User generated content.  Content your buyers can relate to.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Just say thank you.

I make thank you videos a regular part of my workflow.  So do other top performing businesses.  It is a KEY piece to repeat business and customer longevity.

amazon seller thank you

Q: Ever you thank your spouse for some needed words of support? A colleague for returning a call promptly?  The shopping clerk for cashing you out?

You sure do. Why not show up the same way online?

Social media site + asking for nothing = a human touch for your brand.

Sometimes we forget that the simplest things can make the biggest difference.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

You really do have a personality. No matter what your family tells you.

Wendy’s is famous for their twitter roasting.

They brought life to their brand on social media by being the kings of sassy.

Sassy gets interest. Here is a list of the 13 sassiest brands on Twitter according to Time Magazine.  ALL OF THEM, super boring products.

Quick wits and humor will take you far on social media.   You don’t need to be a sass box either.  Just be YOU.  Let your freak flag fly and other freaks will find you (and buy from you).

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

A lot of your audience  buys from companies who treat their employees well or stand for a cause they identify with.  Search online for the chocolate brands that are “fair trade” brands.   ENORMOUS followings.

Show and tell something fantastic concerning your workplace, your workers, or give spotlight to a job well done.   How about showing a slice of life at the workplace?  See the profiles of the company 4Ocean.  They crush with this strategy.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

By sharing material that’s relevant to readers.

Do some social listening and you’ll quickly be able to index what people are having trouble with.

Consider how much info is in the Unstoppable FBA group.  Heck, this very article is about helping the audience solve a common problem.

Surely you can come up with some ideas on solving the issues you find in chats online.  They might even turn into new products that your competition doesn’t know about.

Done consistently, this positions your company as an industry expert.  It also means people find you genuine and trustworthy – both huge wins on boosting your conversions.

It’s everything about doing the heavy lifting, so your viewers don’t need to.

Dig deep, to help your audience understand the actual value of your goods.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

And make it impressive.

Look at the youtube channel of Blendtec.

They have over 850,000 YT subs for their “Will It Blend” series featuring a b0ring kitchen blender.  They also sell those blenders for HUNDREDS of dollars on

amazon seller series

It is ridiculous nonsense with MILLIONS of views and countless units sold.

Show this to your team, get out the notepad and let your brain run wild.

If you want even more proof, look at the social channels of the group Dude Perfect.  They are trick shot artists and their growth is absurd.  They literally get paid from people watching them find new ways to hit a target with an object.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Find a way to show how your product is the best at something.  Especially if it is a feature you want to highlight that your competitors aren’t addressing.  You might even go so far as gaslighting people by suggesting that products not featuring XYZ are inferior.  All the while knowing that your product features the desirable trait.

Look at the way car commercials run.  Most towing.  Longest warranty.  Most reliable. etc.

It may even be survey results and how likely people are to buy again.

This is your chance to make people problem aware and product seeking.

They can’t buy the medicine if you haven’t taught them they are sick!

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Charmin’s sassy twitter crews does this all the time.

Here’s an example:

Anything more boring than bathroom tissue?

You’ll crank engagement by talking about creative situations, concerns, and hashtags – like Charmin.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Don’t take all of your social media presence so seriously.

If you are all business, people won’t be able to relate to you.

Some good examples are from the social profiles of various police departments (at least here in the US).

At first thought, you’d want them to come across as authority figures.  Makes sense when the motto is “protect and serve”.

Yet when you look at a lot of the posts, you’ll find they use humor to remind people they are human too.

Amazon FBA Marketing and Branding

Some subjects are just difficult for people to think about.

Yet some are successful anyway.  Extremely successful.

The Worldwide Breast Cancer Organizaiton (WBCO) did this with an awesome campaign last year.

The WBCO ran a #KnowYourLemons campaign on Social Media.  They were raising awareness for the signs of breast cancer and fundraising.

Check out this snapshot.

It sure provided for the WBCO’s target market.

They beat their fundraising target by 317 percent. All while encouraging women to “inspect their lemons” often.

Final thoughts for Amazon Sellers

As you can see.  Your boring product doesn’t need a boring voice. With a little effort, you can give your brand a distinct voice and grow an army of followers.

As you can see, there’s always room for elements of sarcasm, wit, truth, depth, and humor when talking about your boring product.

OR you could just leave your boring product next to all of the other boring products on Amazon.  Just like almost all of your competitors.

Let me know what your favorite examples of marketing boring products are.  I look forward to seeing you all in the comments and in the group.

If you want to get all of my secrets on brand building and marketing, consider joining The Unstoppable Marketing Masterclass:

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