One doesn’t have to look far on YouTube or Facebook to find information about selling on the Amazon platform.  Want to know more about how to find winning products?  That information is very easy to find.  Want to know how to make a good listing or who to talk to about getting a trademark setup?  That information is also very easy to find.  However, there is one set of information that will make or break your Amazon business that is not so easy to find – a breakdown of best marketing practices and strategies for Amazon private label sellers.

Steven Black is a Nashville based entrepreneur who has been into marketing for over a decade.  He started in the brick and mortar world, growing his own businesses well into the 6 figures with digital marketing before being asked by other local small business owners to grow their brands as well.  Fast forward several years and he decided to make a move onto the platform where he applied all of his years of digital marketing experience to growing his own brands and the brands of his clients.

Steven founded Unstoppable FBA to fill a problem in the Amazon community.  He started posting his marketing tips and strategies in various Amazon seller Facebook groups and quickly began to get dozens of messages a day from sellers needing help understanding how to market their brands.  The more he posted, the more apparent it was that most sellers don’t even think about all of the angles involved in marketing their products, and the expert sellers they are listening to don’t talk much about it.

Unstoppable FBA was founded as a response to this outcry for help.  Steven and his team consult amazon sellers from newbie startups to 8 figure monsters and teach better strategies for marketing their brands so that brand owners always have a strategy for continued growth.  It doesn’t matter where someone is on their Amazon journey, Steven is obsessed with helping brand owners grow their Amazon businesses and dominating their niche.